Module 10 - Derivative of a Function
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In this module you will compute and describe derivatives of functions. You will use the formal definition, as well as the derivative features of the TI-83, to find the derivative of a function at a point. The dynamic graphing abilities of the TI-83 will help you connect the concept of derivative with local linearity. You will also use a calculator program to animate tangent lines of a function, which may help you conceptualize the derivative as a function.

Lesson Index:

    10.1 - The Derivative at a Point

    10.2 - Local Linearity

    10.3 - The Derivative as a Function

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Use the formal definition of the derivative to find the derivative of a function at a point
  • Use the numeric derivative function of the TI-83 to approximate derivatives
  • Use the derivative feature in the Graph screen's CALCULATE menu to find approximate derivatives
  • Use the Zoom feature to determine if a function is locally linear
  • Download a program from your computer to your TI-83
  • Use graphical and symbolic methods to conceptualize the derivative as a function

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