Education Technology

Arithmetic Sequences

Activity Overview

Students explore three different ways to generate a sequence on their calculator: recursively, using the sequence command (lists) and finally using the function editor. The memory locations a and d work nicely with the formula for an arithmetic sequence and make for a more dynamic and user-friendly environment.

This activity includes a video tutorial.


The aim of this activity is to help students understand arithmetic sequences and identify effective and efficient techniques they can use on their TI-30XPlus MathPrint calculator. 


  • Arithmetic Sequence
  • Term
  • Term Number
  • Recursion
  • Function
  • Table

About the Lesson

Students perform calculations for three different arithmetic sequences, in the process they learn different techniques to generate the sequences effectively and efficiently on their calculator. A teacher presentation file (PowerPoint) is also available for this activity, a QR code for students to scan and watch a mathematics tutorial that includes calculator functionality.

Watch the activity tutorial