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Monopoly Part 2

Activity Overview

In this component of the investigation, students explore the Return on Investment. (ROI). The first two properties on the board have an almost trivial rent, particularly compared to the last two, but their purchase price is also very different. Which properties have the best "Return on Investment"? How do you take into consideration that some property groups have more title deeds (squares on the board)?


Students need to consider a range of aspects before jumping to a conclusion. This section of the investigation continues to provide a layer of scaffolding to help students undercover what considerations need to be explored in order to determine which properties represent the best value for money.


  • Return on Investment
  • Rate
  • Proportion

About the Lesson

The first property on the Monopoly board charges $2 rent, in comparison, the last charges $50, however the purchase price of the first is much smaller than the last. Putting houses on the first property cost $50each, on the last group they cost $200 each. Which property is providing the best Return On Investment? (RIO)