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Algebraic Functions Test 2A

Activity Overview

This assessment resource is suitable for Chapter Two of the Jacaranda VCE Year 11 Mathematical Methods textbook. The TI-Nspire file provides for automated whole class correction and feedback via the TI-Navigator system (Exam) or as automated correction for individual review (Self Check). TI-Nspire users can add, delete or edit any of the questions provided. The companion PDF provides the same questions in a printed format. Whichever option you chose, this free assessment resource will save you time.


Formative or Summative Assessment for algebraic functions applicable to Mathematical Methods Unit 1 and 2


  • Coefficient
  • Expand / Factor
  • Factorial
  • Absolute Value

About the Lesson

Year 11 Algebraic Functions Test 2A includes review of notation, basic factorisation, simplification and corresponding domain implications.