Education Technology

Reverse Parking Rover

Activity Overview

One of the features in some new vehicles is the ability to autonomously reverse park. In this activity students explore relationships between the power delivered to each of Rover's motors to determine the most appropriate power delivery to negotiate a reverse park.


  • Basic Coding
  • Geometry - Circumcentre
  • Statistics - Regression
  • Algebra - Solving simple equations
  • Mathematical Modelling


  • Perpendicular Bisector
  • Regression
  • Residual Plot
  • Extrapolate
  • Interpolate
  • Arc and Arc Length
  • Specific Coding Instructions

About the Lesson

Students use a mixture of geometry, trigonometry, statistics and algebra to build an algorithm to turn the TI-Innovator Rover into an autonomous self parking vehicle. This activity can also be used in more senior level mathematics classes by increasing the focus on the statistical implications and applications.