Education Technology

Factor Game TI-84

Activity Overview

Can you out-smart the calculator? Students play the factor game together; articulate the skills and strategies learn whilst playing each other in order to take on the calculator.


  • Investigate index notation and represent whole numbers as products of powers of prime numbers (ACMNA149)
  • Identify and describe properties of prime, composite, square and triangular numbers (ACMNA122)


Prime, composite, factor

About the Lesson

The factor game requires students to take turns selecting numbers from a grid, in this case consisting of the numbers from 1 to 49. When a player selects a number, they achieve that score; however their opponent automatically scores the sum of the factors. As numbers and factors are selected they are removed from play. When selecting number players must ensure at least one factor remains on the board for their opponents to score, otherwise their turn is void. The aim of the game is to obtain the highest total. Students articulate their strategies when playing against one another and use these strategies to compete against the calculator using the FactorGame program.