Research shows how TI educational technology and programs are an essential component of greater
student achievement. 

Learning Gains from Teaching with Graphing Calculators
Recognized evidence on the effectiveness of graphing technology.
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Research on Teaching and Learning with Graphing Calculators
A guide to effective teaching, learning and assessment with TI graphing.
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Research on TI-Nspire™ Technology
The research basis of new learning technology that supports multiple representations of concepts and the creation of work in documents.
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Research on

The research foundation for the classroom learning system based on the integration of proven instruction, assessment and curricular content strategies.
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Research on
TI MathForward™

Evidence of effectiveness on TI's research-based systemic mathematics intervention program.
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Research on T³™ Professional Development
Summaries of the research basis for TI's professional development programs.
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Case Studies
Reports from real teachers using TI technology in their classroom to help increase student success.
About TI's Research Program
Research at TI serves as the basis for increased teaching and learning success with TI products and services.
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Researcher's Corner
A wide array of information and support for researchers and educators engaged in scientifically-based research.
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TI Research Notes
Research-based answers to questions that are important to educators
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TI Research Library

A global archive of 
TI-supported research on math and science education.
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