Module 2 - Computer Algebra
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An important feature that sets the TI-89 apart from many other graphing calculators is its computer algebra system. A computer algebra system includes not only the ability to calculate numerical expressions and produce graphs, but it can also manipulate symbols and perform exact calculations, which can facilitate discovery learning. With this type of learning, you can experience the thrill that mathematicians enjoy when discovering a theorem.

Lesson Index:

    2.1 - Numerical Calculations

    2.2 - Variables

    2.3 - Pattern Recognition

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Perform exact calculations on the TI-89
  • Understand the difference between AUTO, EXACT and APPROXIMATE modes
  • Use the TI-89 catalog
  • Define and delete variables
  • Create activities in which your students use computer algebra to discover theorems

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