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Get your students excited with this winning combination: STEM and Sport. Improve performance with statistics, shoot for goals with calculus or collect your own data. Maths and Science are not spectator sports, they demand engagement. Check out our free STEM – Sport activities.

Kicking Goals
The Coleman Medal

Has the 21st Century put a full stop on full forwards? How many goal's will this year's Coleman medalist kick?

Volume of a Football

Use an ellipse to model a football, then generate a solid of revolution. Archimedes can help check your answer.

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Kicking Goals

A remarkable kick by AFL legend Paul Salmon inspired this calculus based activity. Watch the webinar to hear the full story and put the whole activity into context. The activity starts with the simpler situation involving soccer and then builds to the kick!


Develop skills for 21st-century success with free project-based learning activities that help students explore, understand and connect the principles of science, math, coding, engineering design and electronics.

10 Minutes of Code

10 Minutes of Code

Introduce students to the basics of coding and build their understanding of math with simple, 10-minute lessons for their TI-84 Plus CE or TI-Nspire™ CX graphing technology.

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