Education Technology

Micro Parabolas

Activity Overview

The BBC micro:bit includes a 3-axis accelerometer. In this activity, students use Python programming to access the accelerometer in the micro:bit and use it to transform a parabola. 


The aim of this activity is to introduce students to some simple coding that creates a novel way of transforming a parabolic graph.


  • Transformation
  • Dilation
  • Reflection
  • Input/Output
  • While (loop)

About the Lesson

This is activity brings novelty to the transformation of a parabola, novelty increases the likelihood that learning will be remembered. The BBC micro:bit is connected to the calculator. Students follow the instructions to learn some simple Python coding that accesses accelerometer data from the micro:bit and uses it to transform the parabola. The end result is that students can simply tilt the micro:bit and watch the parabola move in the corresponding direction. Extension opportunities include dilations and reflections.