Education Technology


Activity Overview

This is a basic activity designed to introduce students to coding with the TI-Rover. The activity is a great precursor to Rover Geometry.A complementary outcome is student persistence for irresolution. If at first they don't succeed, students simply try and try again; each time learning from their previous efforts. 


While the immediate aim is to get Rover to return the ball, the overall aim is to introduce students into basic coding so they may launch into more challenging tasks. The small time frame for students to have a level of coding experience and the physical result of making Rover move, combine to make this an engaging and fun activity.


  • Send Connect
  • Forward n
  • Right n
  • Left n
  • Wait n

About the Lesson

A table-tennis ball is placed in the middle of the table and the TI-Rover needs to go fetch. Students use a combination of Forward, Right, Left and Wait commands to guide Rover to find the ball and return it.