Education Technology

Algebra Rules

Activity Overview

Students develop word rules and algebraic (linear) functions to describe real problems. They use calculator function table features to assist with the calculation of function values and interpret them in the given contexts. They compare pairs of linear functions in related but different contexts.


• Model everyday problems using linear functions with rules of the form y = ax + b
• Generate function tables with/without technology
• Read x and y values from the function table
• Algebraic substitution to find values for y
• Algebraic solving to find values for x
• Restricting x values for models of linear functions
• Interpretation to explain the meaning of various x and y values
• The parameters a and b have meaning in the context of the original problem
• Use two linear functions to compare different but related contexts


Algebraic rule, formula, linear functions, equations, models, input & output values, table of values, substitution, equation solving, equivalence

About the Lesson

The zip file includes all activity files and teacher related documentation. Open the Teacher document and power point first to get an over view of this lesson bundle.