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Functions Inverses SFI

Activity Overview

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Students explore a range of functions and determine their inverses, explore points of intersection, domain and range. The investigation aims to dispel some myths with regards to points of intersection.


The purpose of this activity is for students to gain a greater understanding of functions and their inverse, specifically looking at where the points of intersection occur between the original function and its inverse. The investigation also tries to break some of the misconceptions relating to where functions and their inverses intersect. 


  • Function
  • Inverse
  • Domain
  • Range
  • Intersection
  • Reflection

About the Lesson

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This short focused investigation (SFI) can be used as an assessment item for Functions and their Inverses. The investigation covers a range of concepts including the concept of inverse as reflection, possible points in intersection between the function f(x) and its inverse. To access the answers to the questions, contact our teacher support team.