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Factor and Remainder

Activity Overview

Division of numerical quantities is a great way to start exploring and understanding division of polynomials. In this activity students start with what they know about division of numerical quantities and then apply this to division of polynomials. This assists with some of the terminology and also developing a deeper understanding. Polynomials can be regenerated dynamically and rapidly including the resultant quotient and, where applicable, the remainder, this helps students identify and explain patterns. The visual representation of polynomial division also helps students understand the factor and remainder theorem, particularly expressing a polynomial as a product of its linear factors. 


  • Understand the factor theorem
  • Understand the remainder theorem
  • Develop algebraic expectation pertaining to outcomes of polynomial division


  • Quotient
  • Remainder
  • Divisor
  • Factor
  • Remainder
  • Polynomial
  • Degree

About the Lesson

This activity starts with familiar skills, terminology and concepts relating to division of whole numbers. The terms quotient and remainder are introduced through this familiar environment before progressing to automated algebraic computations and powerful visuals to help students gain a much better conceptual understanding of polynomial division, in particular the factor and remainder theorems.