Education Technology

ACMNA267 – Circles, parabolas and hyperbolas test

Published on 03/16/2015

Activity Overview

Electronic, auto correcting formative and summative assessment for the Australian Mathematics Curriculum standard ACMNA267 using the TI-Navigator system. A companion PDF of the same questions is also included for schools that do not have a TI-Navigators System.


Describe, interpret and sketch parabolas, hyperbolas, circles and exponential functions and their transformations - ACMNA267


Hyperbola, parabola, circle, exponential, asymptote, translation

About the Lesson

The purpose of this material is to provide immediate feedback for teachers and students using the TI-Navigator system. The questions are automatically corrected and summarized using the TI-Navigator software providing teachers with the opportunity to respond to students needs. A PDF copy of the assessment is provided for schools that do not have TI-Nspire and TI-Navigator.