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World Games

Activity Overview

World sporting competition tables generally focus on the total number of medals won, is this a fair comparison? What if the comparison was based on medals per head of population? What about a comparison based on GDP (Gross Domestic Product)? The activity includes a wealth of data and options for students to compare perceived success in the sporting arena.  


The aim of this activity is for students to think more deeply about data rather than accepting it at face value. 


  • Countif
  • Scatterplot
  • Weighted Ranking
  • Ratio

About the Lesson

World sporting competitions generally provide a league table of medals with highest position on the table occupied by the most Gold medals won. Is this a fair comparison? How might these tables look if the table was based on medals per million of population or medals based on a country's economic wealth. The TI-Nspire file includes a wealth of data for students to explore.