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Reflections in the x and y axes, the line y = x and also x = n and y = m, they're all here. The companion video helps students understand reflections and how they can be performed on the calculator. This activity includes a range of extension questions that are more conceptually demanding.


The purpose of this activity is to help students understand reflections and generalise their knowledge beyond reflections in the x and y axes. The inclusion of a reflection in the line y = x is included but no mention of 'inverse', just a focus on the basic concept that the reflection will be the same distance from the mirror as the object. Students also explore functions that are invariant in a reflection. 


  • Reflection
  • Perpendicular
  • Invariant

About the Lesson

Watch Activity Tutorial

Students watch the reflections video to get a basic understanding and then use their calculator to explore and generalise. The activity includes extension questions that explore reflections in lines x = m, y = n and y = x.