Education Technology

Monopoly Part 3

Activity Overview

This is the final stage of the investigation. Students should have acquired the necessary skills and ideas from Parts 1 and 2. The questions in this section are much more open ended allowing students to take a deep dive into the abundance of mathematical opportunities that lie amongst the various deeds, mortgages, capital improvement opportunities and more. 


The aim of this investigation is to develop well researched, evidence based strategies for winning the game of Monopoly. Underpinning this investigation is a layer of scaffolding to help students along their journey, providing ideas on the sorts of things that they should be considering in their investigation, including data, graphs, assumptions and evidence based conclusions.  


  • Return on Investment
  • Rates and Proportions
  • Capital Improvements

About the Lesson

Suppose you have $1000 to spend on properties and property improvements (in the game of Monopoly). Which properties would you buy and how many houses and hotels would you buy? The answer to this question becomes more complex as more money is added to your original bundle. Some properties represent better value than other!