Precautions for the TI-SensorLink Adapter and Vernier Sensors

TI-SensorLink Adapter

TI-SensorLink is not a data collection solution. USB connected probes or Lab Cradle remains a superior solution for pure data collection and analysis.
The Hub commands for the TI-SensorLink with the Vernier analog sensors are currently not part of the Hub App (CE family) or the Hub menu (TI-Nspire™ CX).
The new commands and keywords will either need to be typed in OR copied from an existing program. Please note that any typographical errors in the keywords will result in an error indication in the sketch.

Vernier Sensors

Gas Pressure Sensor - The Gas Pressure Sensor sensing element will be damaged with direct contact to liquid.
pH Sensor - Place the electrode in pH 4 or pH 7 buffer solution. It should never be stored in distilled water. If the electrode is inadvertently stored dry for a short period of time, immerse the tip in the pH 4 buffer/KCl storage solution for a minimum of 8 hours prior to use.
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe -
- Twisting the cable. Sometimes students twist or crimp the wire near the handle of the sensor. Over time, this can cause the wires to come loose and make the sensor stop working.
- Overheating the sensor. When used in chemistry labs, students will sometimes lay the sensor on a hot plate and effectively "cook" the unit.
- The unit is not waterproof! Water can seep into the hilt of the sensor and damage the electronics. Only submerge the stainless steel portion the sensor into water when collecting data.