TI-Innovator™ Hub Troubleshooting

I don't see the green LED when I connect TI‑Innovator™ Hub.

Make sure that the calculator is turned on.
If you are using a USB Unit‑to‑Unit (Mini‑A to Mini‑B) cable to connect to a calculator, make sure to connect the "B" end of the cable to the DATA connector at the bottom of the Hub. Reversing this cable prevents the Hub from receiving power.
Make sure your calculator or computer meets the System Requirements (here).
Make sure the end of the USB cable connected to the calculator is inserted completely.

How do I turn the Hub off?

1. Turn off the host calculator or computer.
– OR –
Disconnect the USB cable.
2. Disconnect any auxiliary power source connected to the PWR port on the Hub.

Why does my program give me a syntax error?

If you have pasted code from an external source or text editor, it might contain "curly" quotation marks (...) in places that require straight quotes ("..."). You may need to replace some or all of the curly quotes.
The syntax rules are slightly different between the TI CE graphing calculator and TI‑Nspire™ CX technology. Code originally created for one platform may need to be modified to work on the other.
On the TI CE graphing calculator, make sure you don't have a space character at the end of a line of code. To find these trailing spaces in a line, move the cursor to the line and press y ~. Adjacent spaces in code can also cause a syntax error.

How do I stop a program that becomes unresponsive?

TI CE graphing calculator: Press the É key.
TI‑Nspire™ CX Handheld: Hold down the c key and press · repeatedly.
Windows®: Hold down the F12 key and press Enter repeatedly.
Mac®: Hold down the F5 key and press Enter repeatedly.

Why do I get an error when I try to update the TI‑Innovator™ Sketch?

For sketch updating, make sure you are using the USB Standard A to Micro cable, not the USB Standard A to Mini‑B cable. Connect the micro end of the cable to the PWR connector at the top of the Hub.
Make sure you are using one of the Web browsers required for updating. See Updating the Hub Software (here).

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To find more troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting in the TI‑Innovator™ Technology eGuide (here).