Module 27 - Activities for Enhancing the Teaching of Calculus
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 Activity 7: Grill Master


This enrichment activity is perfect for an end of the year activity in an honors Calculus course. The activity uses differential equations to predict the cooking times of various meats. Only a minimal understanding of differential equations needs to be understood to complete the activity. The TI-89 will assist the students with the differential equations.


  • TI-89

Teacher Directions:


  1. Plan an end of the year picnic for your students. Use the activity as a precursor to the picnic. Bring a grill and cook several of the items on the worksheet. Use a CBL2 to measure the grill's temperature and the temperature of the food as it is cooked.
  2. Purchase Troli® Mini Gummi Burgers for everyone in the class. They can be found at almost any candy distributor or candy store. Each piece costs about $.10, however they can be in bulk. This fun candy will help theme the activity to grilling.

This activity will be very challenging for the students and should be used toward the end of the course as an enrichment activity. The TI-89 will do all of the difficult calculations, however a general understanding of differential equations will greatly benefit the students.

The example on the worksheet can be used as an introduction.


Grill Master

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