Module 27 - Activities for Enhancing the Teaching of Calculus
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 Activity 6: Bottling Up the Profits


This activity is designed to let students explore one of the most popular applications of derivatives. In this activity, the students will create their own drink and find a cost effective container to bottle the drinks in.


  • TI-89
  • Examples of Solids

Teacher Directions:

It would be helpful to bring in several examples of each type of solid used in this activity. Although the activity is self-guided, walk around to help the students, especially with the first example.

EXTENSION: Have the students calculate the cost of using each of the types. Also have them find the difference in cost between a solid having minimum surface area and one without minimum surface area. You can also have the students decorate foam solids (of their choice) with their drink's name, logo, radius, height, and volume.


Bottling Up the Profits

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