Module 24 - Vectors
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Many quantities, such as speed, mass, length and time, can be described completely by their magnitudes. However, both a magnitude and a direction are required to describe quantities like velocity, force and displacement. To completely describe the velocity of a moving object, you need not only the object's speed, but also its direction. Quantities that are described by both magnitude and direction are called vectors. In this module you will use the TI-89 to manipulate vectors, visualize vector-valued functions and model projectile motion.

Lesson Index:

    24.1 - Vector Arithmetic

    24.2 - Vector Functions

    24.3 - Projectile Motion

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Define vectors on the TI-89
  • Find unit vectors
  • Find scalar multiples of vectors
  • Find dot products and cross products
  • Graph and evaluate vector-valued functions in Parametric mode
  • Model projectile motion on the TI-89 using vector-valued functions

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