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TI-SmartView™ Scripts for the TI-84 Plus Family

In addition to the exact functionality of the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and the TI-84 Plus Family graphing calculators, TI-SmartView has activities and tutorials that have been created by teachers to show lesson ideas and scripts of commonly used features of the graphing calculators.

Download and save the ZIP files to your computer and extract the individual scripts. To load an activity or tutorial in TI-SmartView, select File > Open Script, and then locate the script file for the desired activity or tutorial. Script titles include the following:

Adjusting the Graph Window
Catalog Feature
Changing Settings
Creating a Table of Values
Entering a Matrix
Entering Data in Lists
Entering Expressions on the Home Screen
Entering Lists and Finding Mean
Entering Lists and Plotting
Fractions and Decimals
Graphing a Function
Grouping and Ungrouping Variables
Managing Calculator Memory
Natural Log
Negative and Subtraction
One-variable Statistics
Performing a Linear Regression
Resetting Defaults
Scientific Notation
Solving a Quadratic Imaginary
Solving a Quadratic
Solving Equations with Equation Solver
Solving Equations with Matrices
Storing Values to Variables
Using Parentheses in Expressions
Zoom Feature for a Graph
Catalog Help Built in TI-84 Plus C
Interactive Draw with TI-84 Plus C
Displaying Image Vars with TI-84 Plus C
QuickPlot_FitEQ with TI-84 Plus C
Setup GridLine and Change Function Color with TI-84 Plus C
TI-Basic Program using Color TI-84 Plus C

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