Education Technology

TI-SmartView™ CE-T emulator software 

This easy-to-use software emulates the TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition graphing calculator, allowing the educator to project an interactive representation of the calculator’s display to the entire class.

TI-SmartView™ CE-T software emulates the TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition graphing calculators on a PC or Mac®, making it an ideal demonstration tool for leading classroom instruction of maths and science concepts.

Keep the class on track

Key Press History gives students a clear and easy way to follow along with the teacher, whether in person or in a virtual classroom. Educators can copy and paste key presses into other applications to create class handouts.

Enhance student understanding

Display up to four different representations — including graph, table, equation, and data list screens — simultaneously, to help students develop a deeper understanding of topics.

Easily take multiple screen captures

Drag screen captures from
the TI-SmartView™ CE-T software into compatible applications, such as Microsoft® Word.

Easily integrate with other technology

The emulator software easily integrates with existing projection systems for viewing by the entire class. The location of the calculator emulator and toolbars can be customised for use on your interactive whiteboard.
Easily project Python programming from your calculator to your class with the TI-SmartView™ CE-T emulator.

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