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Upgrade to the latest versions for your TI-84 Plus CE-T ecosystem

What’s new in the latest versions

TI-84 Plus CE-T family graphing calculators

OS and apps bundle 5.7 is available for:

  • TI-84 Plus CE-T graphing calculator
  • TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition graphing calculator

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Version 5.7 includes:

  • MathPrint™ feature improvement —implicit multiplication input expression will redisplay with multiplication symbol (*) (Example: 5⁻3 with redisplay as 5*⁻3)
  • Maintenance update for CellSheet™ and Language Localization Apps
  • TI-Innovator™ Hub app updates
    • Menu updates to support TI-Innovator™ Sketch version 1.5
  • Python App updates (TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition only)
    • Menu updates in ti_hub and ti_rover modules to support TI-Innovator™ Sketch version 1.5
    • wait_key() method included in the ti_system module menu
    • Add-on module tab to simplify use of additional modules
    • ti_draw and ti_image modules included in the TI-84 Plus CE bundle as add-on modules

TI Connect™ CE software application

Software version 5.6 is available

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Version 5.6 includes:

  • Infrastructure maintenance update

TI-Innovator™ Hub Sketch

Sketch version 1.5 is available

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Version 1.5 includes:

  • TI-RGB Array can control multiple LEDs in a single command and specify the color in a PATTERN command
  • RANGER can return time of flight instead of distance
  • An update to SOUND, a single command to play repeated beeps
  • Compound statements to synchronize multiple outputs

To provide feedback or request functionality, please contact TI-Cares™ customer support.