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What's New in Version 4.0

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Working with Documents - Angle Mode Indicator

An indicator now shows the angle mode (Degrees, Radians, or Gradians) in effect for the current application. On handhelds, the indicator resides at top of the document screen. In desktop software, the indicator resides in the document status bar.

Working with Documents - Zoom to Fit

When using the handheld preview of a document, you can make the document zoom automatically to fit the window size.

Working with Documents - Set default page size

You can now set the default page size as either Computer or Handheld for new documents.

Graphs - Exact Window Settings

You can use expressions such as 7/3 or 2•π for exact input of custom window settings. The values appear in exact form on the axes and in the Window Settings dialog the next time you display it.
- On TI‑Nspire™ products, fractional input is preserved as-is. Other exact inputs are replaced with the evaluated results.
- On TI‑Nspire™ CAS products, fractional and other exact inputs are preserved.

Geometry - Force Triangle Angles to Integers

A new setting lets you restrict the angles of a geometric triangle to integer values as you create or edit the triangle. This helps to minimize instances of triangles whose angles do not add up “visually” to 180 degrees.

3D Graphing - Orthographic View

You can customize the 3D environment to show 3D graphs in either Orthographic Projection or Perspective View.

Graphs and Geometry - Math Draw

A new tool, Math Draw, lets you use touchscreen or mouse gestures to create points, lines, circles, and other shapes. For example, if you draw an approximately circular shape, the tool interprets it as a circle.

Graphs and Geometry - Automatically Label Points

A new setting lets you automatically apply labels (A, B, ..., Z, A1, B1, and so on) to points, lines, and vertices of geometric shapes as you draw them.

Graphs and Geometry - Directed Angle Measurements

A new measurement tool lets you create directed angle measurements. You can set clockwise or counterclockwise orientation.

Graphs and Geometry - Bounded Area Selection

When prompted to select two curves while defining a bounded area, you can optionally click one curve and the x axis.

Graphs, Geometry, and 3D Graphing - Views Preserved

When you switch among the Graphs, Geometry, and 3D Graphing views, the most recently used window/view settings for the selected view are applied. You can also undo and redo view changes.

Data & Statistics - Display Digits and Diagnostics

A new Display Digits setting lets you select the display format for numeric labels in the current document.
A new Diagnostics setting lets you display the value of the r2 or R2 statistic (when available) under certain regression equations.

Lua Script Editor - Zoom Text

You can now adjust the size of the text in your script and in any of the tool panels.


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