Using Shortcut Menus

ƒ ^

Opens FRAC menu.

ƒ _

Opens FUNC menu.

ƒ `

Opens MTRX menu.

ƒ a

Opens YVAR menu.

ƒ b

Opens special menus.

Shortcut menus allow quick access to the following:


Templates to enter fractions, and to toggle between whole and mixed fractions, and fractions and decimals.


Selected functions from the MATH MATH and MATH NUM menus as you would see them in a textbook, when in MathPrint™ mode. Functions include absolute value, numeric differentiation, numeric integration, summation, log base n, square root, permutations, combinations, and factorials.


Quick MathPrint™ matrix entry, when available.


Names of function variables from the VARS Y-VARS menu.

To open a shortcut menu, press ƒ plus the corresponding f-key: ^ for FRAC, _ for FUNC, ` for MTRX, a for YVAR, or b for special menus within interactive graph activities, such as when using DRAW or Quick Plot and Fit Equation, and for TI-Basic program editing.

To select a menu item:

Press the number corresponding to the item.


Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the appropriate line and then press [enter].

You can select all shortcut menu items except matrix templates using standard menus. For example, you can choose the summation template from several places:

FUNC shortcut menu

ƒ _

y N

The shortcut menus are available to use where input is allowed. If the calculator is in Classic mode, or if a screen is displayed that does not support MathPrint™ display, entries will be displayed in Classic mode. The MTRX menu is only available in MathPrint™ mode on the home screen and in the Y= editor.

Note: Shortcut menus may not be available if ƒ plus f-key combinations are used while an application is running.