Example Activity – Simultaneous Equation Solver

Use this activity to learn the basics of the App.

A small corporation borrowed $500,000 to expand its product line. Some of the money was borrowed at 9% interest, some at 10%, and some at 12%. How much was borrowed at each rate if the annual interest was $52,000 and the amount borrowed at 10% was 2.5 times the amount borrowed at 9%?

Let x = amount of money borrowed at 9%

y = amount of money borrowed at 10%

z = amount of money borrowed at 12%


1. Write an equation for each of the statements:

x + y + z = 500,000

0.09x + 0.1y + 0.12z = 52,000

2.5x – y = 0


2. Press Πto display a list of applications on your calculator.


3. Select PlySmlt2. The information screen displays.


4. Press any key to continue. The MAIN MENU displays.

5. Select Simultaneous Eqn Solver.


6. Select 3 equations and 3 unknowns on the Simultaneous Equation Solver Mode screen. Press NEXT to continue.

7. Enter the coefficients for the variables and the constants in the equation. Press [enter] after each entry to move the cursor to the next position.

8. Select SOLVE ( s) to solve the system of equations. You see that the corporation borrowed $100,000 at 9%, $250,000 at 10%, and $150,000 at 12%.