Using an Auxiliary Power Source

Normally, the TI‑Innovator™ Hub and its connected components draw power from the host calculator or computer, through the DATA connector. Certain components, such as the optional Servo Motor, require more power than a calculator can provide reliably.

The PWR connector on the Hub lets you connect an auxiliary power source. You can use the TI Wall Charger or the External Battery Pack.

TI Wall Charger (included with the Hub)

Plugs into a wall outlet.
Does not use batteries.

External Battery Pack (sold separately)

Has On/Off button with a row of LEDs that momentarily indicate the battery charge when you turn the battery on.
Turns itself off after being disconnected from the Hub for about 3 minutes.

Note: To recharge the External Battery Pack, disconnect it from the Hub and then connect it to the TI Wall Charger using the USB Standard A to Micro cable. Do not use the External Battery Pack as an auxiliary power source while it is being charged.

Connecting the Power Source

1. Identify the Micro connector on the USB Standard A to Micro auxiliary power cable.
2. Insert the Micro connector into the PWR connector at the top of the Hub.

3. Insert the free end of the cable (the "A" connector) into the USB port on the power source.
4. Turn on the power source:
- If using the TI Wall Charger, plug it into a wall socket.
- If using the External Battery Pack, press the power button.

An auxiliary power LED on the Hub glows to show that the Hub is receiving auxiliary power.

5. Connect the TI‑Innovator™ Hub to the host calculator, using the USB Standard A to Mini‑B cable.
6. Connect the I/O Module or breadboard component to the Hub.