Module 26 - Activities for Calculus Using the TI-89
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In the next three modules you will examine a collection of activities that are designed to be used by students in the classroom.

In this module there are a collection of five activities some with a focus on differential Calculus and the others with a focus on integral Calculus. These activities direct students through guided discovery and real-world problems. Many of the activities are intended for students working in small groups and most of the activities use technology to represent data with a graph, in a table, and as an equation. The length of time needed to complete each activity ranges from approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Most of the activities require a minimum of equipment, set-up and materials. They are designed to stand alone and can be done independently of each other. One of the activities requires a CBL2 and temperature probe. If you do not have access to this equipment you may omit it. The TI-89 is an integral part of each activity.

Each activity contains a cover sheet and activity sheets. Each cover sheet is designed to inform the teacher about the activity and it includes:

  • The topic(s) addressed in the activity
  • NCTM standards associated with the topic(s)
  • Materials needed
  • Overview of the activity
  • Teacher directions

Read through each activity and select at least two that are of interest to you. Select one activity that focuses on differential Calculus and one that focuses on integral Calculus. Work through the activities yourself or if possible work through them with a class.

Activity Index:

    26.1 - Activity 1 - Infinite Series - Fractals

    26.2 - Activity 2 - Piecewise Functions, Continuity, and Differentiability

    26.3 - Activity 3 - Newton's Law of Cooling, Data Analysis and Differential Equations

    26.4 - Activity 4 - Sands of Time

    26.5 - Activity 5 - Exploring Taylor's Integrals

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader® to access these activities.

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