Module 12 - Particle Motion and Parametric Models
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Parametric equations are a useful tool for modeling motion along a line as well as motion in a plane. In this module you will use the TI-89 parametric graphing mode and derivatives to model and explain the motion of particles with various paths.

Lesson Index:

    12.1 - Motion Along a Line

    12.2 - Harmonic Motion

    12.3 - Motion in a Plane

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Use the TI-89 parametric equation graphing mode to model motion along a line
  • Use the parametric model to answer questions about the motion of a particle
  • Use parametric equations to graph the derivative of the particle's motion
  • Model and analyze harmonic motion
  • Represent motion in a plane parametrically

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