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Borrow TI Technology

About the Program

Try TI technology free for up to two weeks

TI offers a unique program to educators who are training other educators on how to integrate TI technology in the classroom. Educators may borrow TI equipment at no cost to use in a workshop/session for in-service or pre-service teachers, for use at a conference or for evaluation before purchasing. More details about the program can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Select from an array of TI's best-selling teaching tools such as:

Graphing calculators
TI-Nspire™ CX
TI-Nspire™ CX CAS
TI-73 Explorer™
TI-84 Plus CE
TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition (available for a limited time)
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition (available for a limited time)
TI-89 Titanium

TI-Nspire™ CX Navigator™ System
TI-Nspire CX Navigator System

Non-graphing calculators
TI-15 Explorer™
TI-30XS MultiView™
TI-34 MultiView

Data collection devices
CBR 2™
CBL 2™

Calculator software applications (Apps)
Choose Apps that go with the handhelds you requested. Not sure what Apps goes with what handhelds? Go to Latest Software.

Probes and sensors
Select from a  variety of TI and Vernier Software & Technology sensors and probes to accompany your science and math activities.