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About Math Nspired

Combining classroom-ready lessons with self-paced online professional development resources, Math Nspired utilizes the power of TI-Nspire™ technology to help students build a deeper understanding of the math concepts that research shows are tough to learn.* The lessons are grouped into content units and sequentially ordered within each unit to develop specific mathematical concepts and skills. Some of the lessons correspond to one or more of the Standards for Mathematical Practice included in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics that students are expected to develop as part of their study of mathematics.

Designed for new educators as well as their experienced colleagues, the lessons can be taught "as is" or modified by educators to meet the needs of their students.

Math Nspired includes activities for Middle Grades Mathematics, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus and Statistics. Learn more about the research* behind Math Nspired.

A variety of Lessons

Math Nspired lessons are developed hand-in-hand with educators. The most unique of these are the action/consequence lessons action consequence in which:

  • Students take purposeful action on a math object in a TI-Nspire document, observe the consequences and are asked to reflect on the mathematical implications.
  • Teachers ask probing questions that lead students to productive discussions about mathematics.
  • Students interact with numerous mathematical representations to develop understanding in ways that are not possible with paper and pencil alone.
  • Educators are able to engage more students more effectively in their mathematics learning.

Additional lessons have been created and selected from other sources to complement the action/consequence activities, including lessons that provide instructions for students to use specific features of TI-Nspire technology.

Complimentary Lessons and Resources
Texas Instruments "Create Your Own" Lessons Create Your Own
Each lesson goes step-by-step through the creation of a TI-Nspire document and includes a one-page student activity.
Texas Instruments "Bell Ringer" Activities Bell Ringer
Lessons that are shorter in length and designed to help transition quickly into class after the bell rings. Students can complete these activities in 30 minutes or less.
Texas Instruments
Features step-by-step instructions, student handout, TI-Nspire document and a see-it-in-action video of the TI-Nspire document.
Shell Education TI-Nspire Strategies: Algebra
TI-Nspire Strategies: Geometry
Lessons move students from the concrete understanding of algebraic concepts through the abstract comprehension level, to real-life applications.
Brendan Kelly Publishing Algebra 1: Semester 1 & 2
Algebra 2: Semester 1 & 2

Ready-made lessons have complete keying sequences and detailed exercise solutions.
Dr. Daniel R. Ilaria Enriching Mathematics: TI-Nspire™ & Calculus
Ready-made lessons and demonstrations for the Advanced Placement Calculus teacher

Resource Center Page

In addition to ready-to-use, easy-to-implement lessons, the Math Nspired website contains an online resource center that outlines all the professional development resources available for Math Nspired, and includes:

  • Getting started - all you need to know to use Math Nspired lessons
  • Self-paced online learning - from getting started to tutorials and on-demand recorded webinars
  • Live online learning - free T³™ webinars open to all educators and customized webinars designed for your school or district available for purchase
  • T³ Professional Development - customizable workshops and webinars for your school or district, incorporating hands-on training, discussions of effective teaching practices using technology, and featuring Math Nspired activities.