TI STEM Lab schools explore new integrative ways in math, science, computer science and engineering education. The network serves as platform to exchange practical experience on national and international level. Knowledge transfer happens in means of professional development and by dissemination of educational content.

Profile of TI-STEM lab schools

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France | Portugal | Italia

Externat Notre Dame 46 Avenue Marcelin Berthelot 38100 Grenoble
Florent Girod

Florent uses the TI STEM Technology with pupils who are about 14 years old. They are 24 by group and follow 8 or 9 courses of 1h30; they have two or three sessions to finalize a project of their choice, in this STEM Lab.

See the videos of some projects:

I have several purposes in my Lab. Mainly I aim for students to:
- realize that technology is all around us, in a lot of everyday life objects
- learn a programming language
- apply algorithmic notions
- lead a project by working with other pupils

Lycée Condorcet Allée Condorcet 78520 LIMAY
Boris Hanus
Boris Hanus involves 3 classes in Seconde and 2 classes in Terminale, where he is teaching the subjects ICN and ISN. The students work in groups to solve problems, by using coding and math concepts to arrive to the solution. " TI Rover should detect an obstacle and approach it until he is 10 cm from it" or "Program a path to go in the fastest way possible from point A to point B" are examples of starting points for the groups to discuss and develop the skills they need while learning the basics of coding and algorithms.
“With this type of activities students are engaged quickly in the learning process and problem solving is acquired naturally and intuitively”
Lycée Assomption Bellevue 172, Avenue Jean Jaurès 69007 LYON
Laurent Didier
Laurent Didier puts in practice a project approach to teach coding and algorithm to students in his STEM Lab.
Since we are working with TI-83 Premium CE, TI-Innovator™ Hub and Rover, we are using a project approach and pedagogy in our classes. This technology fits the expectations and goals of Lycée, as we can bring a concrete aspect to programming, and engage students in this topic.
Lcée d'Estienne d'Orves 13 avenue d'Estienne d'Orves Nice 06050
Eric Tixidor
Eric Tixidor teaches in ISN (terminale) and ICN (seconde) and part of the curriculum is Robotics, Algorithms and coding languages.
“The class is divided in groups and the learning is approached in mini-projects. With these projects we have the opportunity to connect coding and go deeper in math concepts of the curriculum, increasing the complexity of projects step by step."
Lycée Professionnel Henri Senez Boulevard Darchicourt 62110 Hénin-Beaumont
Jérôme Lenoir

Our TI STEM Lab is in Lycée Professionnel to initiate the students to coding and engineering concepts, in an engaging way.

"What is important in today’s world is that math teaching is meaningful to students, thanks to tools that allow it in a fast way. Modeling situations from real life with TI-Innovator Rover, we allow students to see the correlation between math and physical sciences.”
Lycée Maryse Bastié 29 Rue Louis Amstrong 87100 Limoges
Jean-Louis Balas
Teaching in Lycée Professionnel, Jean-Louis Balas uses technology to solve real world problems connected with students realities and relevant for our community. "Our work is organized in groups where each works on a topic on a global project. We then put it all together providing the complete picture. A bit like we do in Industry"
TI Rover allows the creation of a conexion with real world and to make concrete conexions with algorithms. It allows to go beyond the curriculum and opens possibilities. It allows to make a connections with what happens in industrial robots, and that captivates students!
Lycée Descartes 1 Rue Lavoisier 92160 Antony
Vincent Bernigole
Vincent 's STEM Lab operates int he scope of ICN subject, in the 10th grade, where the students work in teams developing mini-projects, over a period of 8h. In Termnal S they develop mainly activities around robotics (mainly using TI Rover) over a period of 4 hours.
Our main goal is to develop student's autonomy while working with an complete and easy to use material.
Collège du Roy d’Espagne 36 chemin du Roy d'Espagne 13009 Marseille www.clg-roydespagne.ac-aix-marseille.fr/spip/
Jean-Baptiste Civet
Jean-Batiste Civet is passionate by robotics and new technologies, teaches mathematics courses and is responsible for the Science club of his school for the last 8 years.
“I would not like to go back to a programing teaching without TI-Innovator Hub and Rover. It is much more interesting and engaging to include robotics. It is more tangible and really ignites curiosity from the students.”
Escola Secundária de Ermesinde Praceta Dom António Ferreira Gomes 4445-398 Ermesinde
Raul Gonçalves

We have been using TI-Innovator and Rover in the robotics club of my school with 11th grade students. They love it!

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I strongly believe the future of education is tightly connected with our ability to motivate an engage students into learning STEM. I have always been interested in finding new ways to teach Math, and the TI STEM Lab is an opportunity to work with the Robotics club of my school, and other teachers to integrate the different topics.
Agrupamento de Escolas de Oliveira Júnior Avenida Adelino Amaro da Costa. 3700 – 023 S. João da Madeira
Alexandre Gomes
In addition to working in the classroom context, under the national project of curricular flexibility and interdisciplinary articulation, we have a science club that is the main responsible for the dynamization of this project. We have planned a training on programming algorithm and robotics with TI Nspire to familiarize users with the system.
A team of 5 students participating in this STEM Lab won the Portuguese National contest on coding promoted by Universidade Nova de Lisboa with the project "Wheelchair". See more here from digital media library: DSC 2705
Agrupamento de escolas de Barcelos Av. João Paulo II 290 4750-304 Barcelos
Eduardo Cunha

This TI STEM Lab is integrated in the project " Inspiring Math and Science learning with TI-Innovator Rover", a project involving teachers and students of different levels and schools, that aims to develop teacher's competences to develop meaningful learning experiences by focusing in collaborative and interdisciplinary learning, as well as promoting students competences, creating work spaces designed for active learning in the school.

TI-Innovator™ Rover  Demo

"With this project, the teachers in our group will have a solid base to approach STEM topics in an integrated and meaningful way with the students"

Nederland | België | Sverige

CSG Liudger te Drachten Leerweg 1 9202 LE Drachten
Peter Vaandrager | Bert Wikkerink

We are in the process of developing the TI STEM Lab in our school, to start working with students in the school year 2018/19. Our school joined TI STEM Labs network due to importance of STEM in modern education.

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We find that TI technology is easy to use and specially developed for STEM Education and the network is an excellent way to share ideas.
Martinuscollege De Aanloop 6 1613KW Grootebroek
Cathy Baars
In our school we have a Edu-lab. Which is a classroom with all kinds of technical materials and are trying to make lessons and good practices for our colleagues. We also have a class called NLT (Nature, living and technology) where we teach integrated subjects as “International space station”, “Designing a pill container”, Navigation etc. Next year we will start a new subject in this class called “Technical HAVO”. In the younger classes we teach robotics.
We find that TI technology is easy to use and specially developed for STEM Education and the network is an excellent way to share ideas.
Sophianum te Gulpen Landsraderweg 3 6271 NT Gulpen
Epi van Winsen
We are teaching a new subject - Onderzoek en Ontwerp (research and design), which is a multidisciplinary subject of STEM. this is the perfect set-up for our TI STEM Lab.
You should see the eyes of the students when they see a calculator attached to Rover, driving and turning for obstacles. We have to use this excitement to bring them further in this STEM world!
Bernardusbron Hoogstraat 20 9700 Oudenaarde
Franklin Neyt
At our open learning center STEM-lab we are specialized in robotics. Because robots in the future shall be more integrated in our lives we find it important that everyone gets a basic of knowledge of the relation between what the robot does and the science behind it.
The greatest benefit is the perfect integration between al the subject that are important in STEM education. You can easy have projects where the different disciplines all work together on a subject to solve a real world problem.
Täby Friskola Enhagsslingan 23-25 187 40 Täby
Maria Waern | Mark Clarhäll
The TI STEM lab in our school will start in 2018/2019 school year in the Math/Science/Engineering department.
We will work with our students and TI-Nspire™ CX CAS STEM solution in Mathematics, in coding, for data collection in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
The advantage the TI STEM Lab is bringing us is that with this integrated approach we will have a hands-on learning experience and we can develop engaging activities with the students.

Deutschland | Österreich | Schweiz

Primo Levi Gymnasium Woelckpromenade 38 13086 Berlin
Mirko Tewes
Primo-Levi-Gymnasium received the quality seal "Excellent Digital School" in 2018. Mirco Tewes together with his colleagues and supported by his principal leads the school to new levels of quality in regards of STEM education. From developing into T3 Science Center some years past and now being an important member of the TI STEM Lab network Mirco drives the development of his school with dedication and vision.
I congratulate the winning schools. Many schools are on an excellent path to not only see digital media as a substitute for previous analog media, but also to recognize and use the 'didactic value added'. Media literacy is taught across disciplines among teachers and students at today's award-winning schools, "says Education Senator Sandra Scheeres . See the press release
Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Löbau Pestalozzistr. 21 02708 Löbau Sachsen
Frank Liebner
The Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Löbau is the T3 PD Center and STEM-Lab in Saxony. The school with its focus on STEM subjects is also a recognized MINT-EC school. The Saxon Ministry of Education Dresden is supporting the PD concept for STEM teachers . The T3 Fortbildungszentrum Löbau cooperates closely with the Inspirata Leipzig- the interactive STEM Museum with lots of hands-on exhibits.
Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasiums Theodor-Heuss-Straße 1 45731 Waltrop
Dirk Schulz

The Theodor-Heuss Gymnasium Waltrop is one out of 2 T3 PD Center and STEM Labs in Northrine-Westphalia/NRW. Driving force behind all STEM activities - with all support of the school management - is Dirk Schulz: Germany Physics teacher of the year.

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Turkey | Bahrain

Bahrain Bayan School Bldg 230, Road No 4111 Isa Town - 841 P.O. Box - 32411 Kingdom of Bahrain
Medhat Merabi
Students of the Bahrain Bayan School are proficient in using the TI-Nspire™ Technology and Vernier Data logging instruments for Math, Science projects, Internal Assessments for IB and STEM projects. The technology to make the learning process easier and to to give deeper and conceptual understanding for materials being taught.
ENKA Schools Sadi Gülçelik Spor Sitesi 69007 Lyon İstinye 34460 Istanbul, Turkey
Tonguc Ozdas
Brief story of STEM education in Turkey, some examples from data collection tools (CBR2) to Innovator systems. Creating the data collection tool by coding.

True Integration of STEM During Dutch-Portuguese Student Exchange

As a participant of the T³ Sharing Inspiration 2017 event, Portuguese teacher Raúl Aparício Gonçalves got inspired by the demonstrations of the robot car Rover. He decided to develop an international project for his students. In 2018, this led to the exchange between 30 students of the Dutch CSG Liudger and Portuguese Ermesinde High School.

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Lycée Assomption Bellevue, Lyon, France

Lycée Professionnel Henri Senez, Henin-Beaumont, France

Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium, Waltrop, Germany
HTL Braunau, Braunau am Inn, Austria
Elisabeth-Gymnasium, Eisenach, Germany