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Virtual Workshop: Next Steps With the TI-84 Plus Family of Graphing Calculators

July 14, 16, 21, and 23, 2020 | 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. Central time

This workshop is comprised of four three-hour sessions and is facilitated online.

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Workshop overview

This workshop is designed for mathematics educators teaching high school mathematics who want to learn to leverage TI-84 Plus CE technology to engage students in the learning process.

Educators will explore a variety of topics of the high school curriculum, discuss strategies for helping students to better understand key topics and emphasize techniques for teaching with TI-84 Plus CE technology. By the end of the workshop, participants should feel comfortable with:

  • Classroom strategies for using the graphing calculator and its powerful features, including computations; graphing of functions, lists and tables; statistics and probability; and geometry to enhance student learning
  • The most-used apps included with the TI-84 Plus CE, and activities for using them in the classroom
  • Using TI-Smartview™ CE emulator software as a teacher tool to enrich the student learning environment
  • Managing the memory and file storage of the graphing calculator

Pricing and technology options

$300 — Workshop registration without TI technology package

$350 — Workshop registration plus the following TI technology package:

  • TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator and TI-SmartView™ CE emulator software for the TI-84 Plus graphing family

Team discount: Register four educators for this workshop, and the fifth attends free.

Note: Should the workshop need to be cancelled, registration fees will be refunded in full.

Contact information

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