Education Technology

T³: Our Mission

The T³ - Teachers Teaching with Technology™ organizational goal remains true to the ideals on which it was founded under the guidance of Professors Franklin Demana and Bert Waits:

To provide quality professional development that enables the mathematics and science educator to be successful in the classroom through the appropriate use of technology.
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T³ Objectives

Use technology appropriately.

  • To enhance the pedagogical skills and content knowledge of mathematics and science teachers at all levels.
  • To promote inquiry-based learning through the use of real-world applications and data collection devices at all grade levels.
  • To help teachers stay informed by introducing them to emerging technologies.
  • To assist teachers in increasing student achievement.
  • To prepare students for the future through the appropriate use of technology.
  • To encourage a balanced approach combining the use of graphing and other technologies along with mental skills and paper and pencil skills to support mathematics and science curricula.
  • To enrich the classroom experience through the power of visualization.
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T³ Worldwide

The T³ – Teaching with Technology™ organization began in North America over 25 years ago and has provided professional development to tens of thousands of teachers since its inception. As technology for math and science instruction continues to be adopted around the world, Texas Instruments has encouraged and supported the creation and growth of T³ organizations to ensure the wide availability of professional development for appropriate use of technology.

Today, several countries around the world have their own T³ organizations, affiliated with the North American T³ community. These organizations provide professional development customized to the needs of their educators, locations and educational systems.

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T³: Leaders in Professional Learning

T³ has had the good fortune to be associated with some of the most creative and innovative mathematics and science teachers in the world. T³ Instructors are educators in elementary and middle schools, high schools, and universities, teaching mathematics, science, agriculture, and engineering. They are authors, coaches, department chairs, and advocates of appropriate technology usage to enhance student achievement.

The T³ instructor ranks are made up of classroom teachers and university professors. Active classroom teachers can speak from current experiences, based on technology, education trends, pedagogical practices, and student expectations in the classroom today. Experienced teachers bring knowledge, skills, and understanding of what works in a classroom.

Starting with only 12 instructors in the 1980s, T³ has grown to include over 300 instructors in North America and many more around the world. T³ continues to seek qualified applicants with a desire to provide professional development to their colleagues in mathematics and science education.

To become a T³ Instructor, an educator must have demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, professional development, technology usage, and understanding of exemplary pedagogical usage of technology in the mathematics and science classroom. In addition, prospective T³ Instructors must attend Teacher Leader Training from the T³ organization and be evaluated by current leading T³ Instructors.

If you are interested in becoming a T³ Instructor, please contact

T³ Learns

Our community is made up of mathematics and science educators from around the world. We are united with a goal to assist fellow educators through quality professional development and support to enable them to be successful in the classroom through the appropriate use of technology.

We continue to strive to provide the best professional development for teachers by embracing best classroom practices.