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Solution 10388: Clearing the Memory on a TI-83 Family, TI-84 Plus Family or TI-Nspire™ in TI-84 Plus Mode.

How can I clear the memory on a TI-83 family, TI-84 Plus family or TI-Nspire in TI-84 Plus Mode?

The following will demonstrate how to clear the memory of a TI-83 family, TI-84 Plus family or TI-Nspire in TI-84 Plus Mode. To access the reset options, press and release the [2nd] key then the [+] key (reads MEM above it in yellow) and then choose 7:Reset. The following options are available:

Please Note: You may need to press [Right Arrow] to cycle to some of the below resets.

1) All RAM - Clears all variables and programs from RAM only. This will not delete items from Archive or Apps.
2) Defaults - Does not clear any files from the calculator. Instead, this option resets the calculator settings to default, including the Mode, Graph Format, Table Setup, and other settings.
3) Vars - Clears all variables from Archive (Flash ROM). This option will NOT delete Apps or variables stored in RAM memory.
4) Apps - Clears all Apps from Archive. This will not delete any variables.
5) Both - Will clear all Apps and Variables from Archive. This will not delete any Variables from RAM.
6) All Memory - Clears everything from RAM and Archive, leaving only the Calculator OS and its components.

Please see the TI-83 Plus Family and TI-84 Plus Family guidebooks for additional information.

TI-Nspire handheld in TI-84 Plus mode users may refer to the TI-84 Plus family guidebook.

If one of the above resets does not resolve an issue, please see the case entitled "Troubleshooting a TI Graphing Calculator That Will Not Turn On" for more advanced reset procedures.