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Solution 12196: Recommended Batteries for TI Graphing Calculators.

Why does TI recommend the use of alkaline batteries in graphing calculator?

TI performs extensive battery testing and vendor qualification. However, it is impossible to test every type and manufacturer of batteries. TI guidelines are intended to provide customers with the best performance and safety.

Extensive testing with rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries of various types has been done on graphing calculators. The qualification has addressed battery life, safety, usage, and storage. One important factor considered was the usage scenario for classroom use. When multiple rechargeable batteries are used they may get mixed in with new or older batteries both charged and partially charged. This usage increases the possibility of leakage and reduced performance. TI therefore has removed rechargeable batteries from the batteries recommended or supplied to customers.

It has been determined that the use of non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries will provide the best performance and safety.