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Solution 33271: Steps to Install TI-Admin Software for Windows®.

How do I install TI-Admin software for Windows®?

Please follow the steps below to install the TI-Admin Software for Windows®:

1) Please verify that your operating system meets the system requirements and download the TI-Admin software.
2) [Double-Click] on the TI-Admin.exe or TI-Admin.msi file to launch the installer. 
3) You will then be prompted to exit all other programs, to continue installation click [Next] to proceed.

4) Next you will be prompted for the installation location for the TI-Admin software either choose a new location or keep the default location then click [Next] to proceed.

5) The software will continue the installation process when you reach the below window click [Next] to begin the activation process.

6) Next you will be shown the initial activation window click [Next] to proceed. 

7) Next you will be prompted for your license information. Enter in your license information then [Next] to proceed.

8) Next you will be prompted to accept the license agreement, click the [Radio Button] next to "I accept the license agreement" then [Next] to proceed.

9) It may take a few minutes for the license to complete activation however once it completes the below window should be displayed.

If you need assistance with any of the steps listed above, please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.