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Solution 18429: Collecting Equations from Class Using TI InterActive!™.

How do I collect equations from class using TI InterActive!?

1. Launch the TI-Navigator Software Click Start > Programs > TI Tools > TI-Navigator > TI-Navigator. The TI-Navigator computer home screen opens.

2. Start a Class Assure that your TI-Navigator network hardware is connected and powered and calculators containing the necessary apps are connected. Choose a Class to begin in the Current Class selector and click Begin Class.

Using the Y= functionality of the calculator, have the students enter an equation for Y1. Student inputs are shown using the screen capture functionality of TI-Navigator.

3. Launch the TI InterActive!™ software Click Start > Programs > TI InterActive! > TI InterActive! The TI InterActive! Software opens.

4. Open the Graph Window Select the Graph Icon The Graph and Functions dialog will open

5. Select Equations to Collect From the Graph Window select File > Import Equations/Funtions > from Class…

Select Equations to import and click Import.

The Device Login required Check box, does not effect the import of the file. This box only applies to TI-Navigator 1.0 software. 6. Select Equations to Collect The TI-NavigatorTM External Request dialog box will open. Click OK.

The External Request indicator will be displayed in the TI-Navigator home screen and the Collect Action will be displayed in the Class Record.

D. When the file has been collected from all of the students who are logged in, click the Stop button in External Request. The collected equations will open in TI InterActive!.

Please see the TI-Navigator Documentation for additional information.