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Solution 30150: TI-Nspire Software Returns Error "Invalid License Number" When Attempting to Activate

Why does the TI-Nspire software return an error "invalid license number" when attempting to activate?

If you receive the error "invalid license number" when activating the TI-Nspire or Nspire Navigator software, first verify the license number and reenter it, to confirm that it isn't mistyped.

If still getting the error message after confirming, next confirm that you have the correct version of the software installed (such as TI-Nspire Student software, TI-Nspire CAS Student software, TI-Nspire Teacher software, and TI-Nspire CAS Teacher software). 

If you are installing the TI-Nspire Navigator software, in most cases you would choose to install the version TI-Nspire Navigator for Handhelds rather than TI-Nspire Navigator for network computers.  TI-Navigator for Handhelds would have a red navigator icon.

If you are still having an issue, check to see if your license is single, volume, or concurrent (individual software included with cds would be considered single).  If you are activating a concurrent license, the license information would be entered on the server, rather than on the indiviudal clients.  For more information about activating a concurrent license, refer to:

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