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Solution 11669: Replacing the Batteries in a TI-30X.

How can I replace the batteries in a TI-30X?

The TI-30X uses two LR44 lithium batteries. Comparable replacement battery models and brands are as follows:

Panasonic LR-44
Ray-O-Vac 303/357-1W
Eveready 357
Duracell LR44

To replace the batteries:

• Turn off the calculator and place it face down on a table or desk.
• Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove all six screws from the back case.
• Lift the bottom edge of the back case, and then lift off the whole back case.
• Remove the discharged batteries and install the new ones positive side up, as shown in the diagram inside the battery compartment.
• Replace the back case, top edge first, and then replace the screws.
• Press the [ON/C] key twice. The display will show 0. and DEG.