Education Technology
  • How Else Can We Show This?

    Posted 12/17/2018 by Karen Campe, Teachers Teaching with Technology™ (T3™) National Instructor

    Use multiple representations on TI graphing calculators to examine math problems through different lenses.

  • 5 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Exam Week

    Posted 12/14/2018 by Kim Gonzales

    It’s here. Exam week. We’ve all been there — you’ve studied hard all year, put in the time, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough. Especially when you’re studying for multiple exams at one time, how do you keep yourself healthy and calm?

  • The Best Equilibrium Simulation Ever

    Posted 12/12/2018 by Ray Lesniewski, Honors and AP® Chemistry teacher, Jones College Prep, Chicago, Illinois

    After trying many chemical equilibrium simulations, I finally found one that is absolutely fail-safe.

  • #NCTMregionals Seattle 2018 Recap

    Posted 12/07/2018 by Jennifer Del Toro

    Download TI session materials from #NCTMregionals Seattle 2018 

  • 12 Days of Holiday Math Challenges

    Posted 12/04/2018 by Ellen Fishpaw

    Our gift to you this holiday season: 12 days of holiday-themed math challenges that will help sprinkle some holiday cheer into your classroom.

  • What to Do Instead of a Traditional Final Exam

    Posted 12/03/2018 by Jeff McCalla, math teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis, Tennessee

    You aren’t giving a final exam? Have you lost your mind? Are there other ways to assess student progress in your classes?

  • Testing Tips: Using Calculators on Class Assessments

    Posted 11/26/2018 by Karen Campe, Teachers Teaching with Technology™ (T3™) National Instructor

    Whether you are giving a short quiz, a chapter test or end-of-term exam, here are some tips for how to use TI calculators successfully on class assessments.

  • Fibo-Nachos, Anyone? Have Some Tasty Fun Teaching the Fibonacci Sequence

    Posted 11/23/2018 by Ellen Fishpaw (@ellenfishpaw)

    Celebrate Fibonacci Day with a tasty way to teach the Fibonacci sequence. Your students and your taste buds will thank you for this recipe and classroom activity for creating Fibo-nachos.

  • Girls in STEM: A Personal Perspective

    Posted 11/19/2018 by Jessica Kohout, biology teacher at Reservoir High School, Fulton, Md.

    STEM skills are important for all students. How can we get more girls interested in STEM topics and careers?

  • 5 Teachers You Should Be Following on Instagram Right Now

    Posted 11/15/2018 by Ellen Fishpaw

    Need some inspiration for your classroom? We’ve done our homework and found 5 Instagram accounts to add to your follow list right now. These teachers are sure to help get your creative juices flowing while adding some practical teaching advice and laughter along the way.

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