Education Technology


Activity Overview

Here's a great way to start class, check homework, AND find out who had difficulty with certain problems.

Before the Activity

As class begins, have students log in to TI-Navigator. Using the Quick Poll feature ask, "Which problem gave you the most difficulty on last night's homework assignment?" Tell the students they can enter "0" if they had no difficulty. You can quickly survey the rough spots in the assignment.

During the Activity

Set up a LearningCheck quiz in advance that asks, "Using last night's homework, what was the answer to problem number 3?"

For example, ask the students for the answer to five random problems from the homework and give the students 3 - 5 minutes to take the quiz. You can collect it and grade it using Class Analysis.

Students can only use their homework to answer the quiz. If they have nothing to refer to they get the problem wrong.

You can also ask questions like, "What number was added to 106 in problem 12?" This question lets you see if the students write out the problem or only the answer.

After the Activity

This is a great way to begin class each day.