Education Technology

Bearings - a Geometric Approach

Published on 10/20/2009

Activity Overview

This activity looks at standard Bearings questions (based on Pythagoras, Sine & Cosine Rules) but treats them in a geometric manner. This is suitable for students that require a more visual approach to this often tricky topic. The tasks use simple construction and measurement tools in the Graphs & Geometry application to reproduce the problems in the cartesian plane.

Before the Activity

Students need to have a basic understanding of True and Standard Compass directions. No understanding of the Sine & Cosine Rules are needed for these tasks but any further algebraic or arithmetic analyses will require these to be covered.

During the Activity

Students work through the examples by following the worksheet instructions and associated screen dumps. The extra questions have only answers and a final screen dump to act as hints for the students.

After the Activity

Students can attempt the same questions in a more traditional manner using Pythagoras and/or the Sine & Cosine Rules.