Education Technology

Triangle Dilations Investigation

Published on 10/20/2009

Activity Overview

Investigation develops idea of how a dilation factor changes the coordinates and area of triangles in the cartesian plane. Can be teacher-led or self-driven and allows students to further their ability to navigate competently around the TI-npsire menus and functions as well as investigate dilation factors. Can be completed in a single lesson, though may require longer if students are not very familiar with the calculator.

Before the Activity

No work needs to be done on dilations prior to this activity, it can be used as an introduction to dilations. Students will need to be familiar with the cartesian plane and coordinates. The CAS document will needed to be transferred onto each student's calculator. They can do this from a computer or from calculator -to-calculator via the appropriate USB cable. Each transfer only takes a few seconds, so can easily be done at the beginning of the lesson.

During the Activity

Instructions for the investigation are given in the attached worksheet. Students should complete the questions while working through the task.