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S Tune

Published on 11/20/2012

Activity Overview

Students collect data relating to the purchasing songs online compared with purchasing the full CD from a retail outlet. The data is tabulate and graphed for visual comparison and determination of which mode of purchase is most economical.


Objective: Solve linear simultaneous equations, using algebraic and graphical techniques including using graphing software (National Curriculum: ACMNA237)


Linear, data collection, simultaneous equations; modeling

About the Lesson

Students use the internet to select a combination of songs from their favourite artist and determine the cost of downloading these songs individually with purchasing the entire CD. If only one song is selected it would clearly be cheaper to purchase a single song. If 10 songs are downloaded it would be cheaper to buy the CD. Where is the cut-off point? Students tabulate and graph the data and use the graph and simultaneous equations to determine this cut off point.