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    • Mathematics: Algebra and Pattern: Algebra and Pattern
    • Mathematics: Calculus: Calculus
    • Mathematics: Probability and Chance: Probability and Chance
    • Mathematics: Statistics and Data Analysis: Statistics and Data Analysis
    • Standard: VCE: Further Mathematics: Further Mathematics
    • Standard: VCE: Mathematical Methods: Mathematical Methods

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    David Tynan

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    Aust Senior

  • Activity Time

    90 Minutes

  • Software

    TI-Nspire™ CAS

  • TI-Nspire Version


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Home is where the heart is

Published on 12/08/2013

Activity Overview

A collection of some lesser known commands for the NSpire CAS that may be useful for teachers and students in Year 10-12 mathematics. from a Teacher PD (T3) conducted in December 2013)

Before the Activity

Try each task yourself (this is best done as a teacher PD. Edit the following sheet as re

During the Activity

Give teachers an opportunity to work through and discuss each idea.

After the Activity

Duck and cover. Repeat and relax.