Education Technology

Sequences - First Order Difference Equations

Published on 10/20/2009

Activity Overview

This activity is an instructional document consisting of the working, with instructions, of two typical First Order Difference Equation questions. It looks at using the Generate Sequence function, Plotting in D&S and also the Sequence Plotting document that is bundled with OS1.6 - the file is also available for download with this document.

Before the Activity

It is assumed that the user has basic knowledge of geometric sequences although this is not essential.

During the Activity

This is an instructional document for teachers and students to work through. Teachers may find it useful to remove some of the answer screens before allowing students to complete the task. A *.tns file is included (this file is already bundled with OS1.6) that gives another approach to plotting First Order Difference Equations. It also allows the input to be in a form other than u(n)

After the Activity

Students can attempt similar questions from texts written for VCE Further Mathematics (or others)